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A Month of Awareness, A Lifetime of Memories

May 31, 2018 marked the final day of a historic Huntington disease (HD) Awareness Month.

Leading up to the month of May, volunteers all across the world were tirelessly canvasing and promoting the upcoming month of awareness in every way they could. Writing letters to request city proclamations, emailing countless buildings to add more Light It Up 4 HD sites to our roster and visiting local city officials to convince them to raise the HSC flag.

For families and individuals in the HD community, May was a month of fierce advocacy and passion for the cause that hits home for them. May was a month full of opportunities to educate the public on what Huntington disease is and how it effects their lives.

Our HD community took advantage of all of these opportunities in the month and were constantly creating their own means of awareness. This year, we saw a variety of different methods of involvement through…

Light It Up 4 HD

Since 2015, the enthusiasm of our families and volunteers has made Light It Up 4 HD a cross Canada movement. Buildings, monuments and statues across Canada light up in blue and purple during May to raise awareness for Juvenile HD (in purple) and HD (in blue) and Huntington Disease Awareness Month. For areas that don’t have a monument in their community to light up, many use blue and purple lights at their own homes.

8 countries participated this year, with a total of 123 sites across the world – the highest number of sites secured to date! 52 of these sites were right here in Canada, with at least one site lit up in every province across the country.

Flag Raisings

As part of May Awareness, volunteers across Canada request that buildings in their community fly the Huntington Society of Canada flag for a period of time during the month of May. The flag raises awareness and honours those affected by the disease.

South Vancouver Island Chapter Flag Raising

Halifax Chapter Flag Raising

Grand River Chapter Flag Raising

Durham Chapter Oshawa Flag Raising



This year, 12 flag raisings were organized across Canada – the highest year yet!


Volunteers across Canada also strive to make HD Awareness Month official in their communities by having local government members proclaim May as HD Awareness Month.

Timmins Proclamation

Sudbury Proclamation

South Vancouver Island Proclamation

Halifax Proclamation

Durham Chapter Oshawa Proclamation

Durham Chapter Durham Region Proclamation




Almost 10 communities had an official proclamation in May 2018.


Many events are planned to happen specifically during the month of May to coincide with HD Awareness Month.

Sarnia, ON Paint Party

Barrie, ON Wildflower Walk

Windsor, ON Eli and the Straw Man Concert

Toronto Architectural GEMS Walk


In 2018, almost 30 events were hosted during the month of May, raising funds and awareness for HD.


In an effort to gain national attention for HD Awareness Month, volunteers have been working hard with us to participate in media interviews and segments across the country.

In May 2018, we had several media mentions about HD Awareness. Click on any of the links below to view each.

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