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Board of Directors

Hands shaking handsThe Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is responsible for governing the Society, which includes: the Society’s mission and strategic planning; policy development; stewardship of resources; and accountability to members, donors, and the public.

The Chief Executive Officer, is the senior staff person, who reports directly to the Board.

Board members serve a two-year term, and may stand for re-election for further two-year terms. A few vacancies occur each year, since members’ terms are staggered. Nominations are recommended to the membership by the Governance Committee of the Board.

2018/2019 HSC Board of Directors

As of November 1, 2018
Brenda Nowakowski – Chair
Mack Erno – Vice-Chair
Sean Dewart – Secretary
George Halatsis – Treasurer
Dr. Ray Truant – Research Council Chair
Catherine Price  – YPAHD Representative
Christian Lejeune – Huntington Society of Quebec

Board Members at large
Billy English
Jonathan Genest-Jourdain
Robert Scriven
Doris Ramphos
Dr. Mark Guttman
Brenda Mason
Brynne Stainsby
Andrew Wright

Hailing from all corners of Canada, the Board of Directors meets twice a year and is responsible for governing the Society. This includes the Society’s mission and strategic planning; policy development; stewardship of resources; and accountability to members, donors, and the public.

One seat on the Board is reserved for a representative of the Huntington Society of Quebec, while another seat is reserved for a representative of Young People Affected by HD (YPAHD), our virtual youth chapter. Each Director is elected for a term of two years.

The election of the Board of Directors takes place at each Annual General Meeting of the members, with an emphasis on recruiting individuals that can bring specific expertise to the governance of HSC.

Board Committees

Executive/Finance Committee: Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, CEO

Reviews the operating plan and budget prepared by the CEO; recommends whether to adopt the budget; reviews quarterly financial statements; reviews insurance coverage and risk protection.

Board Governance/Nominating Committee: Past Board Chair, Chair, Vice-Chair, 2–3 other Board members

Evaluates the effectiveness of the Board; assesses the skills and competencies of the Board; recruits and orients new members; evaluates existing Board policies and develops new ones.

Investment Committee: Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, 2–3 other members appointed by the Board; Attendees: CEO, Director of Finance

Reviews the performance of the Society’s investment portfolio; ensures the portfolio meets Board policies; reviews the appropriateness of the investment policy.

Audit Committee: Treasurer, Board Chair, Vice-Chair, 1–2 other Board members; Attendees: CEO, Director of Finance

Reviews the audit plan; approves the audited financial statements; reviews internal controls; ensures proper financial stewardship.

Research Committee: Board Research Representative, national and international HD researchers, CEO

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