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Navigator Research Program Overview

Our mission at HSC is to improve the quality of life for those affected by Huntington disease. One of the ways that we address our mission is by investing in promising research.

The Navigator Research Program has been providing funding to support HD researchers since 2003 with awards up to $75,000/year for 1-2 years.

Goals of the Navigator Research Program include:

  • Funding for Canadian scientific research of direct and immediate relevance to Huntington Disease
  • To provide a platform for the future recruitment of outstanding investigators to HD research
  • To facilitate research collaboration nationally and internationally
  • To support research which is relevant to other neurodegenerative disorders as well as HD

Click here for the Navigator Research Program – Terms of Reference

Click here for the Navigator Research Program – Application for Funding

Click here for the 2022 Research Competition Letter of Intent 

The 2022 competition is now closed.

The 2023 competition will open in April, 2023


Prof. Cheryl Arrowsmith Ph.D

University of Toronto

About the Research: Prof. Arrowsmith will look for any differences in the way that mutant huntingtin protein interacts with special forms of the genetic material called RNA. These differences may give us insight into how neurons die in HD.




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