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The universal goal for the international HD research focus is to find treatments that reverse, slow or prevent the progression of HD.  The Huntington Society of Canada and HD Canadian researchers are a key part of this effort and the Society has a unique role to play.

Research News

For the most up to date information on Huntington disease research, the Huntington Society of Canada is a proud partner of HDBuzz. Launched in early 2011, HDBuzz provides a readable, trusted and up-to-date source for all the latest news on Huntington’s research and clinical trials, written by researchers and scientists specifically for families and individuals affected by HD.  This resource is offered in 10 languages. To see the latest update from HDBuzz click here.

Clinical Trials

To learn more about Huntington disease clinical trial Information there are several resources to choose from just click on the topic you wish to learn more about: 

Funding Strategy

Globally, HD research is focused on finding treatments for Huntington disease.  The Huntington Society of Canada will invest in excellent, peer reviewed research into the most promising basic and clinical research, leading to viable treatments for HD.  The Huntington Society of Canada will continue to partner with world-class organizations to leverage the best resources and expertise that will positively influence the direction of HD research in Canada and globally.

Moving research discoveries to the HD population has a strong dependency on individuals living with HD and their families.  Clinical trials depend on the participation of HD families.  We will continue to build a strong foundation for clinical trials in Canada and work in partnership with our HD families to find answers.

 The Huntington Society of Canada, since its inception, has supported multiple research programs including Brain Canada and Navigator.

We support those facing huntington disease
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