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PSA Campaign

Public Service Announcements

PSAs are used primarily for the media to promote our cause. The Society distributes a PSA to media outlets across Canada including televisions and radio stations. Media outlets will run the PSA campaigns when they have empty space to fill at no charge to the Society. This helps HSC increase awareness without the expense of advertising and provides the media an opportunity to contribute to charities across Canada. We are grateful for the role the media has played and continues to play in our efforts to increase awareness of Huntington disease and the Society.

What is Huntington Disease?

What is Huntington Disease…..  focuses on the the realities of Huntington disease, what it like to have the disease, what the symptoms are like and how it affects generations of families. Each child born to a parent with Huntington disease has a 50% CHANCE of inheriting Huntington disease. The symptoms strike in the prime of a person’s life (35 – 55) with males and females having the same risk of inheriting the disease. There is a juvenile form of Huntington disease called Juvenile Huntington disease which can first appear in children as young as 5 years of age. Huntington disease is like experiencing the symptoms of ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s – simultaneously. 

Huntington disease is a fatal, hereditary brain disorder and the Huntington Society of Canada is the only health charity in Canada dedicated to supporting individuals and families who are impacted by the disease. The society strives to maximize the quality of life of people living with Huntington disease by delivering services across Canada; furthering the research to slow and to prevent Huntington disease and to enable other to understand the disease. Huntington disease affects all walks of life and does not discriminate between age, gender or race.


To hear the radio spots, listen below. Let us know if you hear the ad!

15 Second PSA Radio Spot

30 Second PSA Radio Spot


To view the PSA commercials, click below. Let us know if you see the ad!

15 Second – What is Huntington Disease?

30 Second – What is Huntington Disease?

15 Second – Amanda’s Story

30 Second – Amanda’s Story

Hear what our community has to say


View his story here


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View her story here

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