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Young People Affected by HD

As a chapter of the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC), Young People Affected by Huntington Disease (YPAHD) aspires to a reliable treatment for Huntington disease (HD).

YPAHD strives to:

  • Provide a community and support network for young people affected by HD.
  • Increase public awareness thereby enabling others to understand the disease.
  • Raise funds to deliver services for those living with HD and to further research in order to slow and prevent HD.
  • Listen to and advocate for the needs and goals of young people affected by HD through the communication mechanisms provided by the Huntington Society of Canada.

To find out more about YPAHD click here.

Youth Mentorship Program

The HSC Mentorship Program is designed to support young people across Canada facing the everyday challenges of growing up in a family affected by Huntington disease. HSC is committed to offering a nationwide mentoring program that provides youth with one-on-one time and attention with a mentor who will receive ongoing support from a Social Worker within the HSC.

The Mentorship Program strives to:

  • Encourage and help prepare youth for the challenges they face
  • Serve to help breakdown the sense of isolation many youth affected by HD experience
  • Assist youth to make informed decisions about their life
  • Provide youth with positive role models and support
  • Connect youth to YPAHD (Young People Affected by HD) and the HD community

To find out more about the Youth Mentorship Program click here. 


We support those facing huntington disease
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