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Amaryllis Photo Festival

Stay tuned for 2022/2023 Amaryllis Photo Festival opening in January 2023. 

Congratulations to our 2021/2022 Amaryllis Photo Festival winner…Hildi Banting, for the photo of her mother. This story behind the photo is best told by Hildi herself.

“I’m submitting a photo of my mom with her Amaryllis. This may not be the cutest photo, or the most magnificent specimen, but it could just be the most heartwarming photo.

Holding this beautiful amaryllis plant is my very dear mom….99.9 years of age, completely blind and living in a care home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mom has always loved flowers, and as her sight was diminishing, we would choose brightly coloured florals with lovely fragrances to help her appreciate their beauty. Today she uses her senses of touch and smell as well as our descriptions to help her visualize the blossoms. My mom can’t see these cheery red blooms and the full beauty of this amaryllis plant, but she touches it with gentleness, love and appreciation, and hopefully it provides a bright spot of beauty for the staff assisting her each day.

The morning of January 6 was our last visit as I was flying back to Victoria, BC later that day. As I sat beside her, I suddenly decided to take this photo as a remembrance of our special visits together. How beautiful she looked gently holding this brightly coloured Amaryllis. Had I known at the time about the photo contest, I might have straightened the plant or tried to maximize other aspects of the photo. However, it was merely taken as a remembrance of our love.

That same afternoon Covid shut down all visitations in the care home. I don’t know if the other buds bloomed, or if anyone shared its ongoing beauty with my mom, but on that day a beautiful memory was created… thanks to this one Amaryllis plant.

The Amaryllis…something so beautiful! Huntington disease… so devastating. Huntington disease has wreaked much havoc and pain in the family (and extended family) of my dear childhood friend. Wishing you all the best in your ongoing research for a cure.”

Hildi Banting

Victoria, BC

Thank you everyone for buying and selling Amaryllis, submitting your photos, and voting. Your support means the world to us and is an amazing example of this awe-inspiring community.

We support those facing huntington disease
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