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Champions Inspiring Hope

Written by Betty Philip

The Huntington Society’s Champions of Hope monthly donors are a small but mighty group of committed supporters who provide a stable funding base – funds we can count on to plan ahead and respond quickly to urgent needs. In 2017, 305 generous Champions contributed over $100,000 to the Huntington disease (HD) cause – making a real difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by HD.

This easy and convenient giving program enables donors to choose an amount of their preference to be donated every month via automatic bank or credit card withdrawals, making it hassle-free for the donor and a highly efficient system for the Society. This strong support network makes a difference and inspires hope of a world free of HD.

Donors choose this method for various reasons – to honour a loved one, to help find a meaningful treatment for their loved ones, to show their genuine commitment to the cause, and some just wish to utilize the easy, efficient process.

Here we share two stories of our committed Champions:

When Peter’s brother-in-law, Jeff, passed away from HD, Peter wasn’t able to travel from Manitoba to Ontario to attend the funeral. Instead he spent time considering how he would like to remember him. Peter decided he would walk in Jeff’s memory and donate monthly to HSC. His walks give him time to reflect and remember that Jeff was a kind husband and father. Peter’s monthly donation honours Jeff and supports individuals who are currently affected by HD. Peter and his wife are proud to support HSC because they feel that it is an important organization and that their monthly support is having the greatest impact.

Janet from Alberta has been a supporter of the Society for a very long time – 43 years to be precise. HD affects Janet’s life in many ways, but especially now that her daughter is living with the disease. Janet realized early on that the best option for her and her family to understand the disease, get the help they needed, receive support and contribute towards finding a cure would be to become involved with the Society. So she did. Janet got busy raising awareness, being involved with the local Chapter and fundraising activities and donating monthly towards the HD cause. For Janet, every avenue was worth investing in and she believes that her consistent, monthly donations make a real difference.

If you are inspired by these stories and would like to be a Champion of Hope, please fill out the form below, or call Betty directly at 1-800-998-7398 x 134.


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