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Young People Affected by Huntington disease (YPAHD) Day is a one-day conference designed specifically for youth affected by HD (14-35 years of age), and will be held at the Delta Grand Okanagan in Kelowna, BC on Thursday, November 1, 2018. YPAHD Day will present information and topics of interest to youth and will be followed by the HSC National Conference on November 2nd and 3rd.

Youth aged 14-35 from across the country will gather to learn about genetic testing, family planning, caring for someone with HD, navigating relationships, think about event planning during the round table discussions and more!

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Apply for Funding to Attend!

The Huntington Society of Canada is proud to provide funding assistance for a select number of YPAHD Chapter delegates to attend the one-day youth conference, as well as the National Conference.

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Schedule of Events

To see the full conference schedule, click here.

Our senior YPAHD volunteers discuss the basic science behind HD genetics, as well as the history of YPAHD, and the direction and goals for the group going forward.
Join a conversation with your peers, mediated by senior YPAHD volunteers, on a variety of topics based on your interests.
Choosing whether or not to complete genetic testing is a personal decision. Our panel, including a local Genetic Counsellor and social worker, will explore the considerations. You will also gain perspective from two peers – one who has been through the process, and one who has chosen not to be tested.
With support from a local Genetic Counsellor, our panel will discuss some of the options available for starting your own family when affected by, or at-risk for HD, including natural conception, In-Vitro Fertilization (with Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis) and adoption.
Join an HSC favourite, Jim Pollard, for an informal discussion as he answers your questions about caregiving from common best practices to suggestions for your particular caregiving experiences.
Talking to others about HD can be tough. Our panel of youth representatives will share their experiences in talking with friends and significant others, as well as the experience of someone outside of the HD community hearing from their loved one about the disease.
Join two of our favourite researchers, Dr. Jeff Carroll, co-founder of HDBuzz and Dr. Tamara Maiuri, researcher at McMaster University and member of Eli & the Straw Man band for a look at the latest and greatest in HD research, and an opportunity for you to ask what it all means!
To be confirmed.
Every year, youth come together to impact the future of HD in Canada with the YPAHD Champion Challenge. HSC’s Community Events Coordinator, Peggy Houston, will share some tips and tricks for planning your own fundraising or awareness event.
Help us to plan our presentation for Saturday’s Awards Banquet, where each year we get to share with the HD community how youth are #inittoendit!

To see photos from previous YPAHD Days, visit our Facebook page here.

Have questions about YPAHD or future YPAHD Days? Contact!

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