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It’s back!! Get out your calendars, because…

YPAHD Day takes place Saturday, November 13, 2021 from 1 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. EST. We hope you’ll join us!

Young People Affected by Huntington disease (YPAHD) Day is a one-day conference designed specifically for youth affected by HD (14-35 years of age). Youth from across the country gather regionally to learn about genetic testing, family planning, caring for someone with HD, navigating relationships, think about event planning during the round table discussions and more!

YPAHD Day is all about connection and this year that connection is virtual. We’ve seen from previous offerings this year, from our Virtual National Conference to Continuing Education Forums, that online events can provide a much-needed lifeline to our youth community. Plus, this is a free event so cost is not a limiting factor.

YPAHD Day will be educational, fun and interactive. It will help forge new friendships and strengthen those support systems that mean everything to YPAHD members.

For more information about YPAHD, click here!

To see photos from previous YPAHD Days, visit our Facebook page here.

Have questions about YPAHD or future YPAHD Days? Contact!

Interested? You can register today, click here! 

                         YPAHD DAY 2021 – AGENDA

YPAHD Day has always been about connection, support, learning and interaction. We’re committed to delivering a jam-packed day filled with relevant and interactive topics, activities and speakers. You can find some of these topics and agenda items listed below!

NOTE: If you can’t attend live, please sign up regardless as we are pleased to offer registrants the chance to playback select parts of YPAHD Day after the conference.

The following sessions will be recorded and made available to participants who register:

  • Introduction by Mackenzie Remillard (Youth Engagement Coordinator, YPAHD), including presentations entitled HD 101 and YPAHD 101. Erin Stephen (Resource Centre Director, HSC) and Corey Janke (national social worker, HSC) will talk about youth mentorship and online support groups, and Jenna Heilman (Executive Director, Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization [HDYO]) will discuss HDYO initiatives.
  • HD and Relationships presentation featuring Graeme Wood, Resource Centre Director with Huntington Society of Canada
  • HD Research Update presented by Dr. Rachel Hardy and Dr. Tam Maiuri
  • Life After YPAHD with Brynne Dalmao, new Board Chair for Huntington Society of Canada

These all promise to be wonderful sessions, so even if you can’t attend YPAHD Day on November 13, please register so that you can view these resources at a time that is convenient for you.


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