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The Huntington Society of Canada’s National Newsletter

Horizon is the national newsletter of the Huntington Society of Canada. Published three times per year (Spring, Fall and Winter), its purpose is to convey information to individuals with Huntington disease and their families, health care professionals, friends and supporters.

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Download the 2016 Fall Horizon newsletter – Click here

  • Introducing the Campaign Cabinet
  • In Research News
  • An Ariel View
  • Love, Learning & Lobster: 2016 HSC National Conference
  • Celebrating Our Heroes: Erin Wade
Issue 149 – Spring Horizon Newsletter 2016

Download the 2016 Spring Horizon newsletter – Click here

  • Radical “open notebook” experiment promises to speed up HD discoveries
  • Believe: Transforming Tomorrow Together
  • Spring and Fall events
  • Senator Cowan re-tables his genetic fairness bill
  • 2016 Conference featured speakers
Issue 148 – Winter Horizon Newsletter 2016

Download the 2016 Winter Horizon newsletter – Click Here

  • Youth Rally Together for Support and to Learn More About a Disease that Impacts Them All
  • The Unstoppable Pearces
  • Meet the Courageous Leaders of our Community
  • Flower Power Hits Over $5 Million!
  • Believe: Transforming Tomorrow Together
Issue 147 2015 Fall Horizon Newsletter

Download the 2015 Fall Horizon newsletter – Click here.

  • Accelerating research – I Believe! How volunteers are speeding up the pursuit of treatments
  • Lighting It Up for HD: If you’re trying to raise the visibility of Juvenile HD and HD, it doesn’t get much bigger than this
  • Small town, big hearts: Making a Difference from Castor, Alberta 
  • Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Ready: Clinical Trial Readiness Preparation Initiative
Issue 146 2015 Spring Horizon Newsletter

Download the 2015 Spring Horizon newsletter – Click Here.

  • The Carmichael Family: Supporting the HD community together
  • Goodbye Gatorade, Hello V8: Improving life through diet
  • “The more, the better”: Two very personal missions
  • Meet your match: More youth mentors begin training this May
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