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Brain and tissue donation in Canada

Being able to study DNA and tissue samples is critical in supporting further research into more effective diagnosis and treatment of Huntington disease (HD). These samples help researchers learn more about how HD-associated DNA changes affect the physical characteristics and proteins of the brain and tissues.

The gift of tissue samples truly supports advances in the field.

Significant lead-time is required to facilitate a smooth donation process. Consent before death is critical for this donation to proceed. Please ensure your family and loved ones know that you would like to donate your brain and/or other tissue (some research sites accept donations from both HD-affected and non-affected family members).

Please discuss questions about the consent required and the donation process with your regional Family Services Team member, or the brain bank research site staff.

Here are the major sites for brain and tissue donation in Canada:

  1. HD Bio bank (BC): (accepts donations from across Canada and provides funding for autopsy and transportation costs of brain and tissue donation)
  2. Douglas Bell Brain Bank (Montreal):
  3. London ON brain bank (Dr Jog):
  4. Maritime tissue bank (Halifax):
  5. Brain support network:


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