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Click Here: Take Action! Genetic Discrimination Affects Everyone.

One of the Society’s key roles is to advocate on behalf of families affected by HD. We advocate for Canadians living with HD and enhance the services we provide to them by maximizing our connections with families and individuals living with HD.  An area that we have been instrumental in encouraging change is the Special Diet Allowance which was reinstated in January of 2012. By helping Ministry officials understand that weight loss is a biological reality in this disease, we were able to put Huntington’s on the list of conditions eligible for the Special Diet Allowance.

Our current focus is to continue to advocate at both the federal and provincial levels to end genetic discrimination and create a safe environment for people to participate in the genetic testing and to benefit from their own genetic information not to be discriminated against because of it.


April 14, 2016: Bill S-201 – Third Reading, As Passed by the Senate

December 8, 2015: Bill S-201 – An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination

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