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Strength & Knowledge

The Huntington Society of Canada’s Practical Guide to Care

Strength & Knowledge – Every other month the Huntington Society of Canada publishes Strength and Knowledge (S&K), a practical guide for helpful information and assistance for those who are managing HD; highlighting the Family Services department recommended care, where to find help, who to connect with, and what advocacy efforts are currently underway. Topics of interest such as talking to children about HD, swallowing, managing anxiety are addressed in S&K. S&K is published on the last Thursday of every other month.

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Strength & Knowledge Editions

S&K September 2019, Volume 12, Issue 5

S&K July 2019 Volume 12, Issue 4

S&K May 2019 Volume 12,Issue 3

S&K March 2019 Volume 12, Issue 2

S&K January 2019 Volume 12,Issue 1

S&K November 2018 Volume 11, Issue 6

S&K September 2018 Volume 11, Issue 5

S&K July 2018 Volume 11, Issue 4

S&K May 2018 Volume 11, Issue 3

S&K March 2018 Volume 11, Issue 2

S&K January 2018 Volume 11, Issue 1

S&K Volume 10

S&K Volume 9

S&K Volume 8

S&K Volume 7

S&K Volume 6



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