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What is Your Impact?

Your generous support has made 2017 a momentous year. Thank you – you have made an incredible difference in our community.

You show a strong commitment to improving the lives of individuals affected by HD and provide substantive hope for the future. For that reason we are so excited to share with you the highlights from 2017.

Your support had an impact on Research in 2017

You supported 5 HD research projects, 8 HD clinical trials in Canada and you made it possible to form HD-COPE which gives community members the opportunity to inform clinical trials. Thank you!

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Your support had an impact on Family Services in 2017

You supported the 15,000 people affected by HD who see family services workers each year. You made it possible to open a new HD Resource Centre in New Brunswick. You connected 30% more youth through our Young People Affected by Huntington disease Day. You increased the engagement and education of 155% more individuals through our National Symposium. Thank you!

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Your support had an impact on Advocacy and Awareness in 2017

The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act became law thanks to your loyal support. You sold 20,532 amaryllis bulbs which increases awareness of HD nationally. You organized and participated in 118 events across Canada. Light it up for HD reached 99 locations globally. Thank you!

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As we look forward to 2018, we are optimistic. Over the last year we have achieved incredible success. The momentum will continue because it is driven by you, a community of committed, resilient and focused individuals working to positively change the history of HD and make HD history.

Kick off 2018 with your gift today!

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