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Variety: The Spice of Volunteering

Jinny Fairbairn from Okanagan, BC enjoys volunteering with HSC because of the satisfaction she receives when helping a cause she cares about.

She often gets to experience this satisfaction, because of the several amount of ways Jinny is involved!

Jinny helps to set up community events, handles the food donations for the Okanagan Chapter’s annual run, donates auction items for the Chapter’s annual dance, supports all Chapter events through her business, North Okanagan Closets, and is a monthly donor.

“Volunteering gives you that warm feeling inside,” says Jinny. “That feeling when you know what you are doing is positively impacting someone else’s life.”

Jinny first got involved with HSC when a close family friend was diagnosed with HD. She continues to stay involved, though, because of all the people she has met that are affected by HD through volunteering.

“I have seen how HD affects individuals and their families,” Jinny says. “I just hope that with my support we can continue to make progress in finding a cure.”

While people may not have the time or resources to be as involved in volunteering as Jinny is, she emphasizes that all help is well received.

“Remember that every bit helps,” Jinny advises. “No matter what you are able to contribute, whether it be a small amount or a large amount, it will be very much appreciated.”

National Volunteer Week is April 15-21. We are taking the time to celebrate and thank all of our dedicated volunteers in the HD community! We appreciate the contributions of time and effort from all of our incredible volunteers.

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