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The Final Stretch

Less than 100 km of walking to complete the Camino de Santiago. We are so happy to be in the Galicia (the mountains) area of Spain. It is a lot tougher walking the up and down hills (mountains) but the the views have been absolutely amazing. Rolling hills with green grassy meadows with autumn coloured trees with little villages all nestled in along the way. It is definitely farming country. Lots of cows. We see them in the field grazing as well as marching through the towns. We are not only dodging the rocks on the trails but also the cow patties.

Each morning we walk through the cool morning mist and by afternoon the hot sun (approximately 28C). The weather has been so great. No rain. The beautiful trails follow the valleys and hills and are mostly edged with old stone fences and lots of acorn and chestnut trees.

We are counting down the days. Only 4 more walking days and we will be in Santiago.

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