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S&K January 2020 – Volume 13, Issue 1

Youth and Young Adult Mentorship Program

What’s the Mentorship Program?

The goal of the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) Youth and Young Adult Mentorship Program (YMP) is to offer young people the opportunity to connect with a trained mentor who will be able to provide them with valuable support at critical points in their lives. As matches are virtual, mentors and mentees will be able to communicate by phone, text, email, FaceTime or social media.

The HSC mentorship program strives to:

  • Help break down the sense of isolation
  • Support youth in making informed decisions about their life
  • Encourage and help prepare youth for the challenges they face
  • Provide youth with positive role models and support
  • Connect youth to YPAHD and the Huntington Disease (HD) community

Who are the Mentees?

Youth and young adults who chose to be involved in the Mentorship Program are individuals who have been impacted by HD. Whether they have a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or another family member who has HD, or are at-risk themselves, the program is designed to provide support and a space to share their concerns. They will connect with someone who has had similar life experiences.

Mentees are:

  • Between the ages of 12 and 30
  • A member of a family affected by HD
  • Interested in the guidance and support of a mentor who shares similar life experiences

Potential mentees (and their parents, if they are under the age of 18) will be required to submit an application form. The Youth Mentorship Coordinator will use the background information to create an appropriate match with a mentor.

Who are Mentors?

These young adult volunteers, involved in the mentoring program, are individuals who come from families affected by HD. Sharing this common experience will assist them in better understanding and connecting to the mentees.

All potential mentors go through a selection and training process, which includes:

  • Submitting an application form
  • Participating in an interview
  • Providing references and a criminal records check
  • Participating in the Mentorship Training Program
  • Attending ongoing training
  • Accessing ongoing social work support

Mentors will be asked to commit to a minimum of one year with the program

Mentorship Team

Youth Mentorship Coordinator

  • – Leads the recruitment, screening and selection of mentors
  • – Coordinates the initial and ongoing training of mentors
  • – Offers ongoing support and guidance
  • – Participates in a monthly check-in
  • – Provides mentors with the necessary skills to support the youth
  • – Receives and reviews mentee applications and facilitates matches
  • – Acts as main point of contact for questions in relation to the YMP

Youth Mentorship Coach

  • Offers ongoing support and guidance
  • Facilitates monthly mentor check-in
  • Provides mentors with the necessary skills to support the youth
  • Co-facilitates the ongoing training of the mentors

More Information:

For more information about the program and how to become a mentor or mentee please contact your local Family Services team member at or the Youth Mentorship Coordinator at 1-855-253-0215 or

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