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Brain Canada-Huntington Society of Canada Creating HD Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Networks Multi-Investigator Research Initiative (MIRI)

Brain Canada and the Huntington Society of Canada are pleased to launch the “Creating HD Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Networks” Multi-Investigator Research Initiative (MIRI). This joint initiative will support a three-year MIRI research project which connects clinicians, scientists, and the Huntington disease (HD) community, in a manner that can be demonstrated to create a collaborative HD Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Network.

Call for Proposals: December 1, 2016
Workshop/ Teleconference Q&A Session: December 22, 2016
Full Proposal Deadline: February 2, 2017 16:00 ET

Click here for the Notes from the 2016 Workshop/ Teleconference Q&A Session

Click here for the Request for Applications

Brain Canada-Huntington Society of Canada Creating HD Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Networks
Multi-Investigator Research Initiative (MIRI)
Request for Applications (RFA)

Brain health is one of the most pressing health challenges facing Canadians. Surpassing cancer and cardiovascular disease in their magnitude and impact, disorders of the brain account for 13% of the global disease burden. Advances in neurological disorder research are leading to an improved understanding of the etiology of these disabilities, better diagnostics and screening, therapeutic interventions, and improved frontline care and social support services. In order to advance our understanding of all aspects of these disorders, Brain Canada is partnering in a joint-funding initiative with the Huntington Society of Canada that aims to create Huntington disease (HD) Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Networks: inter-connected clinicians, researchers, and HD patients. The intent is to ensure ongoing collaborations focused on expediting the discovery-to-effective-treatment cycle in humans in order to slow or prevent HD and other relevant neurodegenerative diseases. This initiative will facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration by engaging experts (e.g. geneticists, computational biologists and others) in the application of emerging technologies. Collaboration with other neurological disease researchers, including but not limited to ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease, will enrich the overall understanding of potential treatments for HD and other neurodegenerative disorders.


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