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Homemade Goods Fundraiser


Have a talent for crafting?   Set up a fundraiser for HSC by selling your homemade goods and donating the profits to the Huntington Society. No idea is too small! We have had a ton of successful homemade good sales such as key chains, engraved BBQ scrapers and more!  If you love to crochet, knit, woodwork, paint, etc. and want to share your talents with us, this page will give you step by step details of how you can turn your passion into an easy fundraiser.

  1. Decide what you want to sell and an appropriate price point – if you have something you’re passionate about making and want to put your talents to good use this is a great way how!  Determine what the best price will be to entice customers while still covering your costs
  2. Decide if you will offer shipping for your items or if pick-up will be required – depending on who your target audience is, whether you only plan to sell locally or across the country will determine this.  You can always change it up mid-way if you find the fundraiser gaining traction.
  3. Set up your fundraising page –  there are a number of quick and easy ways to do this
    • Facebook – set up a facebook page dedicated to selling these items, ask for people to e-transfer you to pay for their items and send HSC the donations afterwards
    • We can help! If you need help figuring out payment options, email us at
  4. Promote what you are doing and why – Share that you have made some hand crafted items and that the proceeds will be going to the Huntington Society of Canada
    • TIP:  It often helps to share why you are donating to the Huntington Society and what your connection is.  People often respond best to a personal story so that they feel connected to the cause
    • Share what you’re doing on social media, send emails to friends, family and colleagues and even contact local news outlets/dignitaries to really pick up some speed.  Everyone loves to hear a good news story!

As always, don’t forget to let us know what  you’re doing and the HSC Events Team can support you!  Email us at if you want to host an event or fundraise for HSC.


Questions: If you have any questions, email us at


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