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Inspiring Young Leaders

Doug Mallock, the President of Young People Affected by Huntington Disease (YPAHD), attended his first YPAHD Day in 2012. He’d never been on a plane before and had never met any other family with HD. Attending that first YPAHD day, he says, “I was so nervous but I told myself to meet as many people as I could and sit at as many tables as I could. As soon as I started talking to people, I felt at home. And I left that day with lifelong friendships and a promise to do more with the Society.”

YPHAD continues to grow and flourish. YPAHD Day at last year’s national conference had the highest attendance to date – 72 youth, from teens to people in their mid 30s.

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“What I’m most proud of in our work is the mentorship program. Having someone to lean on and talk to—I never had that until my first YPHAD day—but today, when a young person reaches out, there is another young person to answer that call. I’m a mentor and it warms my heart to know how my partners are doing all across Canada.”


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