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10 Ways to Get People Talking about Huntington Disease

Living with HD

Why is May an important month for the Huntington community?

The month of May is when we focus our efforts on raising awareness for Huntington disease.

During Huntington Disease Awareness Month, we dedicate ourselves to increasing our efforts to educate more Canadians about Huntington disease (HD), the impact of the disease, how genetic fairness is an important factor for those who are affected by HD and also for every Canadian.

You have a huge role to play in raising awareness this month. Your efforts are critical to working towards a world free from Huntington disease.

To make it easy, here are 10 ways you can help raise awareness. Let us know what you are going to do to help and we will provide you with the support you need.

Together we can make a difference!

Help Raise Awareness – The TOP 10 ways you can help raise awareness:

  1. Talk to friends and acquaintances about Huntington disease. Share this blog and the information that is included at the end of this blog.
  2. Refer a friend to our web and encourage them to check out our events.
  3. Call your local community paper and ask them to run a public service announcement. You can direct them to our media page at for copies. We’ve made it easy.
  4. Join the Huntington Society on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share information about HD and encourage your networks to learn more.
  5. Share information on genetic discrimination with your friends and acquaintances. Most Canadians do not understand the impact that genetic discrimination has on everyone.
  6. Call the news department of your local paper or television station and talk to them about an event in your area or ask them to write about Huntington disease or genetic discrimination. Your call will make an impact; we can coordinate the interviews.
  7. Write your member of parliament at the provincial and federal levels, encourage your friends to do the same. Let our government know it is not acceptable that Canada is the only G7 country without protection. You can use one of the sample letters!
  8. Call your local radio station and ask them to run our radio advertisement. You can use the ad that we have produced.
  9. Ask to speak at your local service club, Rotary, Toastmasters, Lions Club, etc and tell people about HD and genetic discrimination. You can get all the facts right here on the website to help you tell your story.
  10. Buy a “I love someone with Huntington disease” t-shirt at

What is Huntington Disease?

If you are new to Huntington disease, or don’t know much about it, here is the elevator speech:  HD is a debilitating brain disorder that is fatal and incurable. About one in every 7,000 Canadians has HD and approximately one in every 5,500 is at-risk of developing the disease. Many more are touched by HD whether as a caregiver, a family member, or a friend.

You can find even more information on our website under What is Huntington Disease.

Together, we spread the word and work towards a world free from Huntington disease.

Email for more information.

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