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14 September 2014


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HDBuzz – Read the latest research news about Huntington disease, written by scientists researching HD. Welcome to HDBuzz! This special page is
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Huntington Voices

We need support for people who test positive for the gene. How do they prepare? And for people who have the disease, we need to provide resources to improve their lives.

Brenda Wasylow,

HSC Campaign Cabinet

Who We Are?

FAMILY is at the heart of our COMMUNITY. Our families and volunteers tell a powerful story of caring people who pull together to improve the quality of life of Canadians impacted by HD. At the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC), we understand what you are going through, whether you have the disease yourself, are caring for someone with HD, are gene positive or are at-risk of inheriting HD. We are a not-for-profit charitable organization which raises funds to deliver counselling and other support services to individuals and families living with Huntington disease (HD). We fund peer reviewed medical research leading to treatments and we work with health and social services professionals to enable them to better serve people living with HD.

Video Stories

Do You Really Want to Know? PSA

For more videos from the Huntington Society of Canada click here.

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We support those facing huntington disease
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