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One million reasons to smile

Do you like feel-good news?

We know you’ll love this fabulous Huntington disease (HD) update.

Thanks to our generous donors, we have now raised over a MILLION DOLLARS for the 50th Anniversary Driving Hope Forward campaign.

How does this impact you?

This commitment means we are able to solidify the Huntington Society of Canada Research Chair, held at Western University. The endowed research chair will pave the way for accelerated advances in HD research.

At the same time, this monumental achievement of one million dollars raised brings us 1/3 of the way to our campaign goal. The second pillar of the 50th Anniversary Driving Hope Forward campaign is to establish Clinical Centres for HD CARE (Clinical and Research Excellence). These hubs will increase access to multi-disciplinary HD care across Canada.

We are so grateful to our generous donors. But we still have a ways to go, and we would appreciate your help.

Please give to the Driving Hope Forward campaign. Every dollar you give makes a huge impact on research and care for Huntington disease.

Can you feel the energy spread across Canada in our 50th year? Will you contribute to help build this momentum?”

You can improve the lives of those affected by HD, and help advance research in other neurodegenerative diseases at the same time.

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