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Vicki Supports HSC Through Music

For many people who have Huntington disease (HD), anxiety medication is a daily necessity. Vicki St. Amand’s anxiety medication isn’t a pill, though. It is music.

At Vicki’s long term care home, she has been participating in music therapy. Music therapy can be conducted in several different ways depending on the patient’s needs. For some it can be through listening to music, playing an instrument or singing a song. For Vicki, it started through song writing.

About once a week, Vicki’s music therapist, Melissa Jessop, and social worker, Jennifer Allen, visit with Vicki. During these visits, Melissa and Jennifer would connect with Vicki and allow her to share how she is feeling. Melissa would write Vicki’s thoughts and emotions down and over time, lyrics were formed.

You can read Vicki’s full story on our blog here.

With the help of Ian Graham at Small Dog Studio in Kitchener, Vicki has recorded her most recent song and released it on Spotify. Vicki would love for you to listen to her song, donate below to the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) and then visit Spotify to download her song.

CBC Radio recently interviewed Vicki about this initiative. Read the full article and listen to the interview here.

Donations made to HSC help raise funds to deliver individual and group counselling services to support individuals and families living with HD and to fund medical research to delay or stop the progression of the disease.

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