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About TeamHD


TeamHD began as a national running team, the idea being that people could run in marathons and other such events across the country, being united in their fundraising efforts for Huntington disease.

IMG_20140622_090314This spirit has spread
through the community, and even those who aren’t runners want to be a part of this team. Whether you volunteer, organize, run, walk, bike, or even go-kart, you are a part of our team. We are all working towards the same goal: ending Huntington disease. The more people we have on our team, the closer we get to this goal.

Thanks to this amazing community, the Huntington Society of Canada receives a large portion of their funds from Chapter and volunteer fundraising efforts to put towards research and family services for affected individuals and families. These fundraising events are integral in allowing HSC to support the HD community. The volunteers who organize events, as well as the participants and sponsors who get pledges and raise money for the cause are a special team in the community; making a difference by not only raising money, but awareness for the disease across the country.


For more information, contact us at or at 1-800-998-7398


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We support those facing huntington disease
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