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Congratulations to the 2018 Canada Cares Award Winner – Stephanie Rees!

When Stephanie Rees saw a post on HSC’s social media about the 2018 Canada Cares awards, she had mentioned the post in passing to her husband. Little did Stephanie know, her husband went and nominated her for the award for her caregiving abilities – and she won!

Stephanie with her mother, husband and daughter

Stephanie with her mother, husband and daughter

Stephanie took over the role as caregiver for her mom three years ago when she went to go live in a care facility after her HD continued to progress. Since then, Stephanie has assumed guardianship of her mom on top of being a mom to a four-year-old herself, another baby on the way and working full time as a teacher.

“Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough for her,” she says. “But I’m doing what I can.”

Canada Cares offers their annual award to support, celebrate and recognize family and professional caregivers.

As a caregiver, Stephanie has discovered first hand that self-care is the most important aspect.

“I can’t take care of others, including my mom and my family, until I take care of myself.”

HSC extends our most sincere congratulations to Stephanie on her award, your strength and resilience is an inspiration for many. HSC recognizes all HD caregivers across Canada for their selfless efforts and applauds their tenacity. 

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