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YPAHD Day is a one-day conference hosted by youth for youth who are affected by Huntington disease.

Save the Date for YPAHD Day 2017:


ypahdNovember 18, 2017




Come participate in workshops involving social media, care strategies, research and other topics relevant to today’s young people aged 14-35.


Missed YPAHD Day 2016?

In 2016, YPAHD Day was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia just before our National Conference.
To see photos from previous YPAHD Days, visit our Facebook page here.

History of YPAHD Day

In 2012, our youth chapter created a one-day youth conference (YPAHD Day) in conjunction with the HSC National Conference. Last year, in 2015, we hosted YPAHD day at multiple venues (Calgary, Halifax & Toronto) for the first time! YPAHD day attendees appreciate the fun and crazy antics, as well as needed education and support.


YPAHD helps youth think about and discuss things like genetic testing, family life, and dating with HD, and supports them in their struggles of being affected by the disease. This group gives young people someone to relate to, talk to, and lean on. This support system can be incredibly important during this stage in life and beyond.

The youth of the HD community are fun, energetic and resilient people. Young People Affected by Huntington Disease (YPAHD) began in 2008 and strives to:

  • Provide a community and support network for young people affected by HD
  • Increase public awareness thereby enabling others to understand the disease
  • Raise funds to deliver services for those living with HD and to further research in order to slow and prevent HD.
  • Listen to and advocate for the needs and goals of young people affected by HD through the communication mechanisms provided by the Huntington Society of Canada



We support those facing huntington disease
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