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 Your gift helps to sustain families living with Huntington disease (HD) today. HD is a severe and disabling disease. Through our Family Service program you support individuals including people diagnosed with HD, caregivers and family members, people at-risk. We are HD specialists and champions, we work to ensure the medical and social service community throughout Canada serves people living with the disease. Your contributions also provide individual and group counselling to help people realize their potential and adjust to their losses, self-help support groups, special retreats, family information days, informative websites, newsletters and email bulletins plus educational materials.

Group at HD Camp BC

The Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) is part of an exemplary international coalition of scientists and families working together to find treatments to slow or stop HD. Your gifts fuel the HD research campaign, which is making great strides forward and providing great hope for the future.

We help to attract and keep scientists in the field of HD research by funding pre and post doctoral fellowship and awarding prizes for excellence in HD research.  We fund basic HD science by supporting our NAVIGATOR research program, which has advanced our knowledge of HD in several important areas. We fund HD research projects of special interests, and provide opportunities to support special clinical trials for immediate symptomatic relief of HD while essential research continues on the basic science to ultimately prevent or slow the disease.

2 scientists (Rona and Jeff)

Simply by supporting HD research, donors also contribute to other neurological disorders like Alzheimer, Parkinson or ALS. While these diseases involve different populations and brain cells, there are great similarities among the disease processes.  HD research explores neurodegenerative processes in a way other disorders cannot since we know with certainty who will get HD and roughly when; therefore, we can detect and understand the disease before symptoms appear.

The Society has many thoughtful, unique ways to recognize donors for their contribution, through our Annual Report, our Donor Recognition listing and in our Our Shining Stars.

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We support those facing huntington disease
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