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Huntington Society of Canada’s Board of Directors Appoints New CEO

On behalf of the Huntington Society of Canada Board of Directors, I am so happy to announce the appointment of Robin Markowitz as Chief Executive Officer. Welcome, Robin! Robin’s first day with HSC will be July 16, 2018.

Robin joins our community from Lymphoma Canada where she spent the last 4 and a half years as the CEO. Robin brings close to 30 years of charitable experience in a variety of senior leadership roles. This was an extensive, global search, with a number of excellent candidates. Our Board of Directors unanimously decided that Robin is the right individual to lead the Huntington Society of Canada’s next chapter and continue our great work supporting families while funding cutting-edge HD research.

Robin has a strong background in health-related charities in a leadership capacity and she is no stranger in the areas of clinic trials and accessible medicine. We are excited she is joining the HSC team and I personally look forward to working with Robin in the months and years ahead.

Prior to Robin’s appointment as Lymphoma Canada’s CEO, she spent time as a senior leader in fundraising and marketing roles at Osteoporosis Canada and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. Robin is a leader and fundraiser, and her experience in the health sector will help move us toward our goal of a “world free from Huntington disease”.

Thank you to the Board of Directors search committee; this was no easy task to undertake. Special thank you to Bev Heim-Myers. You’ve prepared HSC well for your retirement. You’ve planned and worked hard to ensure our organization is viewed and respected as world class, and continue to focus on ensuring that this transition will be a smooth one. I know HSC and our families will see and hear from you in the future as you continue to chair the CCGF and maintain the special connections you have fostered with our families and donors.

Brenda Nowakowski
Chair, Board of Directors
Huntington Society of Canada

It is with enthusiasm that I write to you to share how honoured I am to be joining the Huntington Society of Canada team at such an exciting time in Huntington disease research.  I am excited to build on the legacy of those that have come before me and to work with the team as we move into the future. 

Much of my background has been spent working with grassroots community members to move important initiatives forward.  I look forward to meeting the Huntington disease community in the near future and I hope to see many of you at conference in Kelowna in early November.

I hope you have a great start to your summer.  I will connect back in with you when I get started in mid-July.

Robin Markowitz
New Chief Executive Officer
Huntington Society of Canada


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