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Triplet Therapeutics has developed the SHIELD HD natural history study for Huntington disease (HD), which recently enrolled its first patients. The study will include about 60 HD gene carriers – both pre-manifest and early manifest individuals – and is intended to inform future clinical trials.

If you’re not familiar with Triplet’s therapeutic approach, it’s different from other therapies currently entering the HD clinic, in that it targets a newly discovered set of modifiers for HD instead of the HTT gene. Operating “upstream” means that Triplet may be able to treat the disease very early — an approach that could preserve neuronal function and halt neurodegeneration.

The study is registered at and you can view the full HSG webpage regarding the study online here.

Status: Currently recruiting.

Study Type: Phase III Clinical Trial

Canadian Locations:

British Columbia

Location: Neurocrine Clinical Site, UBC
Vancouver, BC  V6T 2B5

If you are interested in participating in KINECT-HD, please contact the HSG to be connected to a site nearest to you. Study center personnel will determine your eligibility to participate in the KINECT-HD study.

Call Toll-Free (North America): 800-487-7671

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