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International HD Awareness Day

Even though all of May is Huntington disease (HD) Awareness Month, and we continue to spread the message about HD every month of the year, May 15 is an especially significant date – it’s International HD Awareness Day.

All around the world people, families, communities and organizations are working together to raise awareness for HD, as well as fundraising, providing support services, making ongoing research efforts possible, and generally being part of a community – an amazing and supportive community.

Light It Up 4 HD – A Global Phenomenon

One of the HD community’s most beloved annual traditions is Light It Up 4 HD, in which buildings, monuments and structures around the world light up in blue for HD and purple for Juvenile HD to raise awareness and spark conversations. This year we have over 150 sites lighting up in ten countries around the world: Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Norway and Australia – and the number seems to increase every day. You can see all of the sites lighting up here:

We also have some amazing photos from all around the world of Light It Up 4 HD. Be sure to follow us on social media for lots of posts featuring them, or check out a few of our favourites from around the globe below. If you don’t have social media and want to look at all of the photos – like flicking through an album – you can click here.

Have a Conversation HD

For many years, HD has been kept secret in families because of stigma and discrimination. The #LightItUp4HD campaign is a wonderful opportunity for those with HD to connect and gain support from their communities.

Light It Up 4 HD is attention-grabbing and striking. So if the campaign has captured someone’s interest, it’s the perfect time for anyone, if they have HD or not, to raise awareness and increase education about a disease that is still relatively unknown. That could be via an in-person chat, postcard, email, social media post, letter to the editor, blog, or comment on an online article. Just keep the communication flowing! Here are a few facts and ideas to form the basis of an awareness-raising conversation:

At the Huntington Society of Canada’s (HSC), we are so inspired by the spirit of the Huntington disease (HD) community. We hope to one day live in a world free from HD. Our goal is to increase the quality of life of people living with HD by delivering support services, raising awareness about HD and supporting HD research.

Thank you for joining us in this global movement to raise awareness about HD, and Light It Up 4 HD. It’s one more way to shine a light on a disease that many people still know little about and focus on what the community is working toward.

To learn more about Huntington disease, check out our fact sheets:

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