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In-Between Years

Steven Beatty is part of an HD family himself and received a positive result on his HD predictive genetic testing in 2015. Since that time, he has developed a passion directed at advocating for the Huntington’s disease community.

Steven describes the book as being “…written for those of us going through the ‘in-between years’: the years following our HD genetic testing, but before the symptoms of the illness have begun to take hold. The years when we may struggle with this look into the crystal ball we’ve been given, for whatever reasons are personal to us. The years when we symptom-hunt and worry about every forgotten purse and each trip and stumble. The years when we watch and care for other HD affected loved ones and wonder, how long until it’s our turn.”

All proceeds from the sale of Steven’s book are going to the Huntington Society of Canada for research and family support services.

Learn more about Steven’s book here.

Purchase Steven’s book here.


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