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Halverson-Rider Fund for Hope

“…throw roses into the abyss and say: ‘here is my thanks to the monster who didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive.’” – F.N.

There are many lives, many people, and many stories surrounding Huntington disease. You might be well versed in it, or may not even have a clue…

Mine is a story about a woman and a man. A woman with a tragic future and the man who loved her every step of the way. It’s more or less like every past romantic story. Boy/Girl meet, fall in love, and start building a family together. But this story specifically has one very dark cloud over it…

Huntington disease is easily described as combining ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s all into one disease. It’s overwhelmingly heartbreaking, beyond cruel and needs to end. Plain and simple.

This fund was originally conceived with that woman in mind. To represent the strength and love we learn about from people like this. The perseverance and drive when we have nothing else left to hold onto, to gain some sort of stability in a day. Before you know it, for whatever reason, your world could change in the blink of an eye. If it does, are you going to be ready for it? Because only absolute direction can save you in those moments, pointing to that somewhere you know you need to be. To get back to genuine happiness. That is what this fund represents, the hope to get back that happiness and keep it forever.

However, this isn’t just about her. It’s also about that man. The man who stays with his love. The man who helps her try to protect that hope. Too continuously show how much there is in our world to love, and helps her shift her focus onto that instead. From being amidst the most majestic of mountains to simply observing a fawn that is so cute you could just die. …there was so much admiration that could be felt for this man. One who makes you know down in the deepest part of your own being that you could do better, be better.

This fund is a union, between the hope of one and the love of another. That is why I have personally put this together. To help finally destroy the monster that is Huntington disease. …because we are close.

Who am I you may ask? It matters not who I am. …if you need a better answer than that. Then I am the feeling inside each and every one of you that wants things to be better, against what seem to be impossible odds. The sadness you feel in your gut when you’ve lost someone or something very important to you, as well as all the anger that comes with it. But, I am also the happiness you feel within your heart when you commit or witness a random act of kindness. That awareness that pushes you through your day and reminds you how much of an impact you truly do have on everything and everyone surrounding you.

Because I, like you probably, want to see the happy ending for future stories that echo this one…

Please, give what you can and thank you for making it this far with me.

We support those facing huntington disease
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