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#CureHD tie dye tee shirts


Thanks to our friends at Costa Nada and Say What! Communications, we are proud to launch this unique national fundraising awareness event.

CureHD tee shirt Purchase a #CureHD tie dye t-shirt today! Support families across Canada impacted by Huntington disease.


The Huntington Society of Canada has partnered with Stouffville-based Costa Nada and Say What! Communications to raise awareness and research funds for Huntington disease through the launch of the #cureHD tie dye t-shirt campaign. This program will coincide with May’s Huntington disease (HD) Awareness month with the introduction of a line of custom #cureHD hand-dyed t-shirts in blue for HD and purple for Juvenile Huntington disease (JHD).

This campaign was developed by Jo Zadorsky, owner and dye artist, along with her husband Grant Ivens, brand marketer and owner of Say What! Communications. The #cureHD shirts were introduced at a TEDx talk in Stouffville.

“When Huntington disease touched our family, we knew that we wanted to use our marketing and product base to help elevate the awareness of this disease,” stated Jo Zadorsky. “Our goal is simple – to get #cureHD noticed and shared by as many people around the world and broaden the knowledge base about Huntington disease,”said Grant Ivens.

“We were excited by the concept as soon as Jo and Grant presented it to us. Their ability to launch the campaign in under two weeks speaks volumes regarding Jo and Grant’s commitment to building awareness for Huntington disease,” says Bev Heim-Myers, CEO of the Huntington Society of Canada.

The #cureHD tie dye shirts can be purchased for $25 for adults and $20 for youth with free shipping in Canada online at with all proceeds going to the Huntington Society of Canada.

We support those facing huntington disease
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