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We are so close. Will you help give that one extra push?

We are so hopeful.  There is cutting edge Huntington disease research that is in Clinical Trials right now.  The beginning phase of the study has been positive.  The medicine does no harm and the drug is doing what it is designed to do which is lower the protein that causes Huntington disease.

This research is being conducted right here in British Columbia at UBC.  The 3rd phase of the Clinical Trial mentioned above will get started later in 2018.  We are all optimistic that this will help lead us to a day when Huntington disease can be managed effectively.

My family, along with another family in BC, have committed funding to the Huntington Society of Canada to support a Clinician to work in the labs at UBC over the next three years.  Their job is to work with the individuals in the trial to administer the HD treatment and measure the results.

In addition to this work, there is a need to support graduate students to keep the research moving forward.  For example, the HD researchers at UBC are looking at less invasive ways to administer the drug.  Currently it is administered through a spinal tap, which you can imagine is really cumbersome, time consuming and carries a certain amount of risk.

This is where I think you may be able to help.  Would you consider supporting Huntington disease research here in BC?  Our goal is to raise $30,000 to support a graduate student at UBC who is working to advance HD research.

We can see a treatment on the horizon.  Will you help give that one extra push?


We support those facing huntington disease
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