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The Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) is excited to offer another online group session!


About the Group

The At-Risk/Gene+ Support Group will consist of eight sessions held every two weeks in a closed group format. There is a maximum of 8-10 participants in the group to allow an opportunity for all to participate.

An initial assessment by phone with Corey Janke or another HSC Social worker and group Facilitator will follow to review eligibility.

Benefits of the Group

Unlike other HSC support groups that address topics relevant to carers or people with Huntington disease (HD) symptoms, this group offers a forum to address different issues, including relationships, family planning and whether or not to get tested, to name a few. Past groups were memorable because participants really learned from each other, supporting and sharing.

If this sounds like a program that fits your needs and you are interested in participating in this exciting opportunity, or if you have any additional questions, please contact Corey Janke, national social worker, at or by calling 519-672-6666.


Corey Janke

Corrina Masson

Marla Buchholz

Interested individuals can apply here:

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