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Strategic Plan

Huntington Society of Canada – Three to Five Year Strategic Plan – May 2012

Executive Summary

At the Huntington Society of Canada, our goal is to provide the highest level of hope for families affected by Huntington disease (HD) by funding crucial research and helping them live their best possible lives by providing services, education and advocacy.

The question

How do we accomplish that over the next three to five years? Our new Strategic Plan lays out goals, actions and measures of success.

The context

We’re building on a strong foundation. Since our 2007 strategic plan, we have achieved financial stability. We have expanded our organization, adding more services to families, more connection with youth, more chapters across the country and more advocacies on issues like genetic discrimination. We have helped to establish more multidisciplinary clinics and attract more researchers to the Huntington’s field. Each year, we invest approximately $1 million in HD research. However, there are still gaps to address. Diverse communities and families in rural and remote areas are currently under-served. Canadians who have HD or are at risk for the disease still face genetic discrimination and stigma. HD doesn’t have the same level of public awareness as diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or ALS. Finally, the current economic climate makes fundraising more challenging. An effective strategic plan must address these issues. We also need to anticipate the very real possibility of effective treatments reaching the final phase of clinical trials over the next three to five years. To ensure those treatments are approved as quickly as possible; we need strategies in place to recruit trial participants.

The plan

    1. Invest in world-class research to slow and prevent HD
      • Continue to build a critical mass of HD research in Canada that will lead to treatments for HD, while encouraging global collaborations and knowledge transfer
      • Enhance clinical research in Canada
      • Continue to forge strong connections to individuals and families living with HD to ensure a strong base for potential clinical trial participation
    2. Advocate for Canadians living with HD and enhance the services we provide to them
      • Maximize our connections with families and individuals living with HD
      • Lead efforts to end genetic discrimination
    3. Increase awareness of HD and the Huntington Society of Canada
      • Create opportunities for interested parties to become involved in the Society
      • Leverage and further develop grassroots relationships
      • Effectively tell our story
      • Continue our federal and provincial advocacy efforts to end genetic discrimination and create a safe environment for people to tell their story
    4. Demonstrate leadership locally, nationally and globally
      • Increase global collaboration with HD service providers and organizations
      • Inspire engagement and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
      • Influence a “Made in Canada” solution to end genetic discrimination
      • Set the example for organizational stability, effectiveness and excellence
      • Maximize attendance at events and build alliances for family support
      • Investigate opportunities for joint projects with other service providers
    5. Strengthen the focus on young people affected by HD and strengthen the services we provide to them
      • Build the numbers of youth affiliated with the Society
      • Create a social media initiative for youth
      • Build our leadership role in the emerging HD global youth movement
      • Educate and advocate for youth-specific concerns and initiatives
      • Build the fundraising capacity of YPAHD, the Society’s youth chapter
    6. Ensure financial and organizational stability, effectiveness and excellence
      • Achieve or exceed our revenue growth targets
      • Enhance our financial and organizational processes to build efficiencies, manage risk and build capacity
      • Improve our processes to meet internal and external financial reporting requirements
      • Retain and nurture a high-performing team
      • Be nimble enough to take informed, measured risks on mission-specific goals
      • Have the courage to be innovative
      • Ensure effective Board governance

Financing the plan

To achieve these goals, we will need to reach the following revenue targets:

  • Over the next two to three years: $4 million annually
  • Over the next 3 to 5 years: $5 million annually

Staying on track

We will use these goals to develop detailed plans for each of the Society’s units. At each semi-annual Board meeting, our Chief Executive Officer will present a report and scorecard measuring our progress against key metrics. For the latest report, click here.

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